Carrera Precision CP9812-TF Digital Caliper Review

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If you’re looking into getting a quality digital caliper, you might want to take a look at the Carrera
Precision CP9812-TF digital caliper. This has some pretty high ratings on, and my father in
law who is a machinist has really enjoyed using this model as well.

I have to admit that I’m not a machinist nor will I pretend to be, but I did get to mess around with this
caliper when I was at my father in law’s shop the other day. We got to talking about it and he was saying
that he loved it and was going to order a few more for all of his guys. He’d only had it for a few weeks
at that point, but already really liked it and was convinced that it was some of the best bang for his buck
that he’d gotten from calipers.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you pick up the CP9812 is how heavy it is. It has a heavy duty
titanium head with a stainless steel frame. In other words, you don’t have to worry about this thing
breaking! Obviously I wouldn’t use it to happen anything in or throw around the shop, but you definitely
shouldn’t be too concerned about it breaking or the calibrations getting messed up very easily.

My father in law really likes that, because his last caliper broke after just a few months of use and he
was really disappointed. He’s pretty confident in this one’s sturdiness, so as I mentioned he’s getting

Like most other modern calipers, the Carrera Precision CP9812-TF digital caliper has a very high
accuracy- up to 1/1000th of an inch. You are also able to quickly convert this into the metric system
if you want with the touch of just one button. With the world becoming much smaller and since we
work with more companies that use the metric system, this is nice for saving time on conversions and

If you’re careful with your calipers, then you know that sometimes the limiting factor can be the battery
life. Luckily, the CP9812 comes with an extra battery in the storage case. That way the chances of you
losing a lot of time is much lower, because in case something does happen you have the backup right

Finally, what’s a good digital caliper without a fancy LCD display? This is a relatively large display, helping
you to quickly and easily read the measurement and then move on. You don’t want to spend any more
time than necessary reading the measurement, especially if you’re reading hundreds every day!

That said, there are a number of users on that are 3 stars of customers that weren’t
completely satisfied. They weren’t angry with their caliper, but said that you basically get what you pay
for so for less than $40, you’re getting a mediocre product. However, the other 11/13 reviews were
either 4 or 5 stars.

Overall, the Carrera Precision 9812-TF digital caliper has a lot of great qualities and is a high
recommendation if you’re looking for a decent digital caliper.

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